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Solana Beach History – Luxury Homes and Real Estate

Solana Beach Community | 8th Oct 2012

The first few residents of the Solana Beach migrated to the said place in 9,000 BC. These people were from Asia, and they made their way across the Alaska land bridge. They were known as the San Dieguitos, considered as hunters of huge animals such as the giant bison, camels and the like. However, the change in the climate dried up the lands, and these large animals perished. Their food source remained scarce, forcing them to migrate to the south.

In 7,000 BC, the next residents were known as the La Jollans. These people lived along the coast, collecting seafood and seeds. But a new era began; thus, the La Jollans were absorbed within a new group of immigrants. These were first known as the Dieguenos, but today, they are called as the Kumeyaay-Ipai. These are fishermen, and they also like collecting acorns and nuts. They are known to be healthy, attractive, and good-natured people.

In 1769, the Spanish arrived and was led by Don Gaspar de Portola. He was accompanied by Franciscan padres, and their job was to convert the local Indian to their religious beliefs. Portola and his friends has established a trail named as “El Camino Real”. Along Solana Beach, they traveled inland, to avoid the marshes and other dangers near the coast.

The area gained independence from Spain in 1821, and the control was passed to Mexico. Most of the residents were the grandsons of the Spanish settlers, and they are quite influential with the government and the people. Majority of the lands in what is now called as San Diego County are privately owned during the Mexican regime. 

After the Mexican War with the U.S., California became an official U.S. territory, which happened in September 9, 1850. During the 1860s, Mexicans still dominate the Solana beach area. In February 18, the County of San Diego was established. The population reached around 790 or so.

Stevens House is considered to be the oldest house in Solana beach, it was originally located at Molly Glen Ranch. This was a 10-acre ranch that reached the south slopes of the said beach. In today’s time, it can be found in what is known as the Del Mar Downs development. In 1891, the ranch was sold to Susan Stevens, for whom the Stevens Street and Stevens Creek were named.

Later on, the Solana Beach area developed rapidly, this happened in 1918 when the Lake Hodges Dam was built. The Santa Fe Irrigation District, which as 12,000-care in size, gave way to the prosperity and expansion of Rancho Santa Fe to Solana Beach. And to provide easy access to the beach, hydraulic water pressure was built. This project took nearly three months to finish. The beach officially opened with a feast on the 4th of July, 1924, there was even a horse race during the opening. It was indeed a date to remember for the people in Solana.

And today, a lot of people are settled at the Solana Beach Luxury Homes and Real Estate, and there remains both the rich Spanish and Mexican appeal of the homes.

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