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Questions to Ask Your Buyer’s Agent

News | 29th Aug 2012

Online home buying can seem easy for numerous buyers out there. They think that all they have to do is sit on their couch in front of their computer and search for homes. In reality, things are not that simple. The process has numerous insights and nuances that can fool novice purchasers. That’s why it’s better to have a human professional besides you. In case you are a first-time buyer you must definitely hire an agent, but before benefiting from his services, you have to interview a couple of agents to choose the one that can best represent you. If you don’t know what to ask them, you must know that there are numerous interview questions on the Internet.

Former buyers say that an agent can help them understand the buying process. Also, they declared that the agent showed them unseen faults and features of properties. Thus, below you can see the most important questions that you have to ask an agent to have a smooth home buying process.

The first thing you should ask your agent is whether he knows a good CPA, mortgage broker, painter, stager, inspector etc. The buyers usually say that the agent is able to offer a great list of service suppliers. Looking for these professionals on your own can be quite tricky and difficult. Additionally, people see the mortgage provider referral as an important benefit. Local agents know various people that you don’t have the chance to meet. Most of the times, the agents work with these individuals and know how good they are. Generally, the vendors recommended by your agent can offer VIP treatments, discounted prices and fast turnaround times.

Next, you should ask your agent if there are different ways to observe the process. You have to be very careful throughout the inspections. Check out the inspection report and take some time to decide how to react: get more bids, ask for repairs or get more money. A professional agent will offer you a glimpse over all these possibilities. This is beneficial throughout the negotiations. The agent can ask for various things in your offer because he knows the possibilities and is aware of the contract terms. At the same time, the agent can offer you creative suggestions regarding deal structures and counteroffers. The final decision is yours, but it’s great to know that you aren’t alone in this realm.

You should always ask the agent what to expect. It’s crucial to know what your expectations are. This way, you can have a smooth and great home buying experience. The agent can tell you everything you need to know about costs and timing. Ask this question repeatedly, because various aspects can change until you get to the closing table.

An apparently silly, but important question is how to purchase a house. This might seem self-explanatory, but it sometimes comes with tricky factors. The home buying process has to be customized to your lifestyle needs, financial situation and local area. Last but not least, always check out to see if there is something you have forgotten to ask. This will make the agent think about important issues that he will share with you.

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