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LA JOLLA – La Jolla Symphony & Chorus 2012-2013 “Angle of Repose” (Nov 3)

La Jolla Community, News | 2nd Nov 2012

If you find yourself in La Jolla at the beginning of November and you don’t know what to do, you can take part in the “Angle of Repose” event. This represents the opening of the 2012–2013 season of La Jolla Chorus and Symphony (LJS&C). The special event will take place on November 3, 2012. Steven Schick and its orchestra will play works like Eroica (Symphony No. 3) by Beethoven, 4’33” and 101 by John Cage and Violent, Violent Sea by Missy Mazzoli. The concert is called Hero / Anti – Hero. The entire LJS&C season will be inspired by “Angle of Repose”, an American novel written by Wallace Stegner.

Steven Schick, a conductor and music director, has declared that the new season includes themes that incorporate the Western story. Through his music he wants to find out if he can connect the passions of the present with the music and passions of the past. He also added that the first concert, Hero / Anti-Hero, is about the 19th century’s heroic impulses and how they manifest in today’s music.

Missy Mazzoli, a young American pianist and composer will join the LJS&C on November 3rd. She has performed in all 4 corners of the world and now she’s returning home. She is one of the most surprising and inventive composers of her generation and now working with the Philadelphia Opera Company. At the Hero / Anti-Hero concert Missy will play Violent, Violent Sea, a work that she wrote back in 2011. The piece is 10 minutes long and it includes wavelike instrumental textures and subtle harmonies. This melody reminds of La Mer written by Debussy.

The “Angle of Repose” season will also kick off with some of John Cage’s works. He was an experimental composer. The “101” piece had its premiere in 1988 at the Symphony Orchestra in Boston. The work is called “101” because this is the number of musicians who are needed to play the piece. Cage didn’t want the piece to be played with a conductor. “101” is indeed a magnificent work. There are 3 groups of musicians, every one of them with its own responsibilities and characteristic sound. Every performance differs and this was Cage’s intention. 4’33” was composed in 1952. This revolutionary piece is also the quietest.

Cage was inspired by Zen Buddhism and that’s how he came up with this simple work. The piece lasts exactly 4 minutes and 33 seconds and involves a performer who comes on stage and does nothing throughout that time frame. During this piece, Cage wanted to demonstrate that real silence doesn’t exist as people are always surrounded by ambient sound.   Immediately after the 4’33”, Schick will play Eroica by Beethoven. This will be of great impact and will make the audience appreciate Beethoven’s piece even more.

The concert will be held in UC San Diego, the Mandeville Auditorium. There will be 2 performances on November 3rd, at 7.30 pm and November 4th, at 2 pm. Before each concert, there will be a lecture. General tickets are $29, the student tickets are $15 and the senior tickets are $27.

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