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Easy Ways to Increase Home Values

News | 31st Aug 2012

Little Things Help

Selling a home is a very big deal for most people, but in the end, it is often the small things one does to improve a home’s appearance that afford the biggest pay off in terms of the value added to property.  Major improvements and remodeling do not as a rule add equal value to the home’s eventual selling price.  In addition to requiring less money to effect, small steps can shorten the amount of time it takes to sell a home.

Deciding what to do when it comes to home improvement can be a difficult decision.  Many home owners do not choose wisely and end up making costly improvements that add little to the home’s overall worth.  One method for avoiding such errors will be to consult with a local realtor who has a proven record of selling property in the region.  They will know whether prospective buyers will be more concerned with adding a bedroom or a media room.  They can help save home owners money by avoiding costly upgrades that won’t matter much in the current market.

One temptation to avoid is the urge to spend large sums on high end appliances for the kitchen.  Few buyers appreciate enough a high end chef quality oven range to warrant the large outlay in capital such a purchase demands.  The same thing applies to high end fixtures.  Even those buyers who do look for such features will seldom be put off by less costly alternatives provided they have been properly maintained and remain in good working order.  Such lower cost alternatives are seldom a deal breaker when it comes to making a sale.

Changing a home’s layout can be an easy, cheap way to add value.  Some furniture changes can change a den into an extra bedroom or convert a dining room into a master bedroom.

Simple Steps to Take

Adding furniture to an empty patio or terrace can make it seem like an outdoor dining room.  It will emphasize the amount of space there is to enjoy at the house.  It is important to consider what sort of appeal your house has and work to emphasize those elements.  If a home has a cozy cottage feel, work on adding to the warmth with natural wood stains where possible rather than some elaborate make over for a bathroom.

Cabinets can be done over with new paint and hardware.  This can give them a new look without spending significantly.  A set of planters filled with attractive foliage can brighten an entryway.  Judicious use of containerized plantings can draw focus to spaces that might otherwise fail to catch the eye, particularly outdoor spots such as decking and terraces.

Small steps such as brightening rooms with new paint and arranging attractive displays of plants in containers can add significantly to a home’s appeal.  They do not require the massive expenditure of funds brought on by major remodeling jobs.  They also do not require a large expenditure of time.  Home sellers need to be aware that any remodeling that they undertake must be completed before the home goes on the market.


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