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Batiquitos Lagoon Gives an Earlier View of San Diego

News | 26th May 2013

Batiquitos Lagoon Gives an Earlier View of San Diego

Batiquitos Lagoon is a wetland situated in the north side of San Diego, in the proximity of Encinitas and Carlsbad. It is one of the very few remaining swamps on the southern coast of California, and it is administered by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Introducing the Lagoon

The Batiquitos Lagoon is positioned 30 miles away from San Diego, and it can be admired from a nature trail, located on the northern side; there are hiking trails of approximately two miles, so you can spend quality time admiring the lagoon with your loved ones. The trail starts in the eastern part of Interstate 5, and goes all the way through El Camino Real, towards to eastern part of the lagoon. There are available five public parking areas, where you can leave your car and enjoy a lovely afternoon stroll.

Batiquitos lagoon spreads on 610 acres, and that it features an additional drainage basin of 55,000 acres. This watershed basic includes the amazing cities of San Marcos, Carlsbad, and Encinitas, and it is the primary source of freshwater in the area.

Accumulated sediments have been filling up in the Batiquitos Lagoon, and it was expected to be completely filled up within the next fifty years. Fortunately, in 1994 a large dredging and improvement project was started, and it managed to open the lagoon to the ocean’s tidal and change the flows, greatly slowing down the filling of the lagoon with sediments. The project was finished by 1997 and it was entirely supported by the Port of Los Angeles.

Visiting the Lagoon

You are highly recommended to visit the Batiquitos Lagoon, because it is indeed a spectacular recreational oasis. While there, you must check out the spectacular Nature Center, which is open all week long. You will surely enjoy the trails in the area that are in perfect condition, being administered by the California Department of Fish and Game. They feature several Ecological reservations, instituted to protect various species of animals and plants.

Fun Things to Do at the Lagoon

There are plenty of fun-based activities you can do at the Batiquitos Lagoon. For instance, you will surely have a great time walking the trail, and you can do this individually or in a group. Visitors can attend a scenic walk through nature where they have the chance to admire the most dazzling landscape. These fabulous walks take place throughout the year, and they cover a wide array of places, enabling you to enjoy diverse aspects of the lagoon’s wildlife.

There are various exciting events organized weekly at the Batiquitos Lagoon and the most appealing ones are the summer camps for children, the Club Pelican, and the Lagoon Cleanup Program that takes place every September. By attending these activities you have a chance to discover the real beauty of the lagoon and help the area preserve its beauty, and unique spirit.

Those who adore fishing will be happy to know that the activity is permitted at the Batiquitos Lagoon, for visitors with a permit. There are several areas specially designed for fishing and they’re visibly market on the lagoon’s map. Make sure to check them out and get ready to have the greatest time in San Diego by visiting the rejuvenating Batiquitos Lagoon.

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