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2012 Summer Shakespeare Festival San Diego – Ending Sept 30th!

News | 23rd Sep 2012

The Old Globe’s world-famous Shakespeare Festival returned again this summer. From June till September, Old Globe will present 3 powerhouses in rotating repertory – William Shakespeare’s “As You Like It” and “Richard III” along with Jerome Lawrence & Robert E. Lee’s “Inherit the Wind.” The three plays will rotate six nights a week on the Globe’s beautiful outdoor 605-seat Lowell Davies Festival Theatre stage through Sept. 30, just be sure to bring a jacket or a blanket for chilly evening temperatures.

As You Like It (William Shakespeare)

As one of the most beloved comedies of all time, “As You Like It” tells a story of a young woman named Rosalind, a daughter of a banished duke who escapes into the Arden forest dressed as a boy and finds unexpected romance with the nobleman Orlando. Disguised as Ganymede, Rosalind gives Orlando lessons on how to woo a young woman he met briefly before he, too, fled into the forest —- the lady Rosalind herself.

“As You Like It” explores the giddy excitement and dizzying foibles of love and is a perfect summer night under the stars.

Directed by Adrian Noble, the cast features Dana Green (Rosalind), Dan Amboyer (Orlando), Bob Pescovitz (Duke Senior), Vivia Font (Celia), Joseph Marcell (Touchstone), Allison Spratt Pearce (Phoebe), and Jacques C. Smith (Jaques).

 Richard III (William Shakespeare)

Richard III, the title role is one of the most coldblooded characters in all of literature, and is told with such compelling, exciting drama — audience will barely notice the 3-hour long presentation. Be fascinated on how ruthless Richard is, that had not Niccolò Machiavelli existed, the word “Machiavellian” which describes someone who will deceive and manipulate others for personal gain would surely be “Richardian”.

Directed by Adrian Noble. Chicago actor Jay Whittaker plays Richard, Duke of Gloucester (afterwards King Richard III). The cast also includes Happy Anderson (George, Duke of Clarence), Aidan Hayek (Young Duke of York), Charles Janasz (Stanley, Earl of Derby), Joseph Marcell (Lord Mayor), Jonas McMullen (Edward, Prince of Wales), Robin Moseley (Queen Margaret), and Bob Pescovitz (King Edward IV).

Inherit the Wind (Jerome Lawrence & Robert E. Lee)

“Inherit the Wind” is based from a famous legal case of John T. Scopes in 1925 – He was convicted by a “monkey trial” for illegally teaching Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution in his class. The playwrights used the fictional re-creation of the trial, as a parable & metaphor. It showcases the debate on SCIENCE VS RELIGION issue – which until in this present time remains to be a relevant topic on the society.

“Inherit the Wind” is directed by British director Lindsay Posner and stars Robert Foxworth (Henry Drummond) and Adrian Sparks (Matthew Harrison Brady).

 Additional Info:

  • Shakespeare Festival runs from Jun 3, 2012 to Sep 30, 2012
  • Tickets start at $29, for inquiries call 619-234-5623 or visit

  • For schedule, you can download the 2012 Shakespeare Festival calendar here.

  • Lowell Davies Festival Theatre, The Old Globe complex, Balboa Park, San Diego


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