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Del Mar Beaches and Fun Things to Do by the Pacific Ocean

Del Mar Community | 25th Sep 2012

Del Mar Beaches are located in California, on 1700 Coast Blvd, in the North County Coastal region. Del Mar features 3 main sandy and expansive beaches. In fact, these are some of San Diego’s finest and greatest shores. They are visited by sun bathers, swimmers, surfers, dogs and families altogether. Del Mar Beaches are lived up by the Del Mar Race Track and the Del Mar village. Locals and visitors won’t have the chance to get bored throughout the summer as there are plenty of activities worth taking into account.

There are numerous interesting places to visit in Del Mar. For example, you can go near the race track, in the place where the sea embraces the San Dieguito River. This wonderful place is called The River Mouth or the Dog Beach and it features a special area for dogs and fields for volleyball games. This beach is not recommended for swimmers because there are unpredictable currents and shallow sandbars. However, the Dog Beach it’s protected from wind and can be ideal for families with little kids. One of the finest beaches in San Diego is situated in Del Mar City Beach. Its northern half is ideal for intermediate surf and good swimming. Additionally, this beach region features 2 of the most beautiful coastal parks in the county: Seagrove and Powerhouse. They’re excellent for picnics, walking and jogging. Their only disadvantage is that they don’t have enough parking lots. Last but not least, people can walk on the bluffs on 15th Street. They stand along Del Mar City Beach and since they’re not too steep or high, they’re perfect for children.

As mentioned before, parking can be a problem on Del Mar Beaches. There aren’t too many parking lots, so the best thing you can do is to park in residential and commercial neighborhoods. There are also a few parking lots in the shopping district in the center of Del Mar. On the other hand, the Del Mar Beaches have numerous showers and bathrooms, as well as lifeguards on 17th Streets. So, you’ll always feel safe on these beaches.

One of the most popular activities on Del Mar Beaches is surfing in the Pacific Ocean. Surfers have all the conditions they need, good wind and high tides. Additionally, the 15th Street and River Mouth are excellent for swimming. In addition, there are numerous paths and roads located along the coast that can be used by cyclists and joggers. Those who are into volleyball or football can go to River Mouth and those who simply want to enjoy the sun and get some tan, should head over to the L’Auberge Resort.

You have all the reasons to love Del Mar Beaches. The proximity of the racetrack and the fairgrounds is priceless. Thanks to these 2 facilities, visitors can benefit from open-air concerts all summer long. Furthermore, there are various hot air balloon rides throughout the warm season. Make sure not to miss them. A great activity provided on Del Mar Beaches is spotting dolphins. They are frequently spotted in the waves of the Pacific Ocean. Last but not least, don’t forget to climb the Scripps Bluff Preserve to admire one of the best ocean views in the world.

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